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Using Covered Calls in Portfolios

Portfolio Tip: How to Use Covered Calls With cash equivalents paying next to nothing and popular bond funds yielding around 2%, advisors lack an easy path to meaningful investment income. As a result, some are selling covered calls — an...
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Investment Advice for 2014

What to Do in Case of Financial Emergency It’s been a wonderful ride, but it won’t last. As many investors prepare to toast hefty stock gains for this year, that cautionary word was offered by financial advisers asked about the...
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Covered Calls: The Best of Both Worlds

To many investors, the word “option” means high-risk investment or get-rich-quick schemes that end up in huge losses. The Covered Call strategy, however, is neither. In fact, according to Jay Furst, Founding Principal of Forteris Wealth Management, the Covered Call...
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Umbrella Liability Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy is a type of insurance that provides excess coverage above the liability coverage amounts in your auto, boat, or homeowners’ policies. They also go by the acronyms PELP, personal excess liability policy, and PUP, personal umbrella...
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