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Selecting a Mortgage Term

As you probably know, interest rates for mortgages are at historic lows. These days, if you look around, you can likely find a no-points, no-closing cost, 30 year fixed rate mortgage for 4 percent or less. There is no question...
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IRA Distributions to Charities

Last year, taxpayers could have distributions from their IRAs paid directly to charities. These distributions “counted” as part of the taxpayer’s required minimum distribution (RMD) but they were not taxable distributions so the taxpayer received a benefit and the charities...
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The Dangers of Being a Co-Signer

Recent changes in credit card laws have made it more difficult for children under age 21 to qualify for credit cards. As a result, many kids are now asking their parents to be co-signers on their applications. But should you...
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