Investment Process

Investment Process

In the fixed income arena we favor a combination of individual securities and pooled investments (e.g. funds and/or separate accounts). Typically we use individual taxable bonds (corporate and government), municipal bonds and preferred stocks. We have a variety of sources for us to access to find the best bonds for each of our client accounts. We also can go to each of these sources to get competitive pricing for all of our fixed income transactions. This approach allows our clients to take advantage of better pricing than they would see without our involvement. This is true on both the buy side and the sell side of the transactions. We look to use funds to manage the volatility in the portfolio and to include international, high-yield and other less-traditional fixed income alternatives (e.g. convertible bonds).


Equity Selection

For pooled investments (e.g. mutual funds and exchange-traded funds) we focus on low-cost, no-load options. Many of these investments are available only to clients of institutional investors like Forteris. These pooled investments allow us to build well-diversified, low-correlation portfolios geared to various risk/return profiles.

For our individual stock portfolios, our investment style is basically a blend of growth and value, with a stronger emphasis on the value side. We are value-oriented on the buy decisions, looking for low multiples (price/earnings, price/book, etc.).

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