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Financial Resources

How to Beat Government Bonds—Using Social Security – Wall Street Journal
For an investment return that tops those offered by hedge funds, insurance firms or Wall Street banks, baby boomers should look to Social Security.

Stanley Bing’s Secrets to a Happy Retirement – CNN Money
Drive till you can’t remember where you parked. Spend money on things you don’t need. And eat four rashers of bacon every day.

The Intelligent Investor: The Dividend-Fund Dilemma – Wall Street Journal
Sooner or later, the markets always punish investors who do the right thing for the wrong reason. Some investors in dividend-oriented stock funds might end up learning that lesson the hard way.

Getting Going: The Student-Debt Playbook – Wall Street Journal
Are you or your adult children carrying a big load of student debt? Your family may well feel like the federal deficit is sitting on your shoulders. Total student debt has climbed past $1 trillion, but that’s only part of the story.

How Much Is Too Much? How to Tap Your Retirement Accounts – Wall Street Journal
How much can you withdraw from your nest egg each year without running out of money before you die?

Retain Your Records No Longer Than You Must – NY Times
I’ve long been a pack rat when it comes to saving financial documents. I have a file cabinet full of old cellphone and credit card bills, brokerage firm and bank account statements and health insurance benefit forms.

Long-Term Care: What Now? – Wall Street Journal
Shopping for long-term-care insurance? You should expect higher costs and a tougher approval process as a growing number of household-name insurers quit selling the policies.

New Peril for Parents: Their Kids’ Student Loans – Wall Street Journal
When the daughter was unable to keep making payments, Ms. Marcoux was on the hook – a burden that forced her to reshuffle her entire life.

Timing Isn’t Everything for Value Investors
They say good things come to those who wait. Trouble is, most people can’t, or won’t, stick around for long-at least not when it comes to their money.

12 Debt Myths That Trip Up Consumers
As many people look to rebuild credit or land loads, it’s crucial to know when the conventional wisdom makes sense – and when it doesn’t.

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