Retirees & Pre-Retirees


Planning for your golden years can be both emotionally and financially complex.  You have worked hard to accumulate your nest egg and now the question has become, “How do I make this last through my golden years”?

Wealth management combines financial planning and portfolio management in a holistic way.  At Forteris we help our clients not only invest for their retirement, but we help them tackle other pressing issues such as when to claim social security, how and when to take distributions from your retirement accounts, and how to invest in a tax efficient manner throughout your golden years.

Our objective is to help our clients better understand their goals and resources and how to best utilize these resources during retirement.  We want to get a thorough understanding of your current situation and how you feel about investing and portfolio risk.  Once we gain a deep knowledge of your current situation and your overall goals, we can help guide you through all the financial challenges that planning for a successful retirement may present.

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